The Kosher Kibbutz

When money threatens to affect ideology

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Documentary Israeli Society Religion

Kibbutz Beit-Alfa, Israel's first Hashomer Hatzair, the socialist-Zionist secular movement, kibbutz, is dealing with a conflict that is shaking its value system to its very core. Economic hardship is forcing the kibbutz residents to reach a difficult decision: Should the dining room become Kosher? Yet this struggle is but small in comparison to the collapse of the Kibbutz's socialist ideals and the demise of socialism elsewhere.

An entertaining and fascinating documentary that moves alternately from sweet to bitter and from bitter to sweet.

A film by Hagit Liron


From Cowshed to Synagogue
Ha'aretz, by Noa Shpigel

No More Bacon for You
Ha'aretz, by Judy Maltz

Dirctor: Hagit Liron

Production: Hagit Liron, Eyal Tsarfati

Cinematography: Ofer Yinov, Aryeh Genaton

Editing: Eyal Tsarfsti

Script: Hagit Liron, Eyal Tsarfati, Shiri Tsur

Research: Hagit Liron, Shiri Tsur

Original Score: Uzi Assner

Soundtrack: Eva Spitkovky

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