Create clips and isolate scenes

We developed a powerful tool that lets users isolate segments and create clips which are then accessible in one click.
Especially useful for presenters, teachers and faculty, who don't have to seek for the relevant part during a lecture. So dog-ear your videos !

How do I watch movies ?

If you belong to an institution (university, college, school etc), you're probably part of a Group.

Groups allow all members in it to access individually movies which are accessible to the group. I.E - if the Group admin subscribed to borrowed (rented) a movie from Movie Discovery's catalog, the subscription or the movie would be available to all members of the Group.

There are two ways to access the website as a Group member:

1) Using IP Authentication

Login to your institution's proxy server. Then enter the movie website.

That's it! 

If thew institution has an active subscription, then based on subscription plan and terms, you can start watching the movies.