A story about remarkably gifted kids

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A small story of a small place, where people hide amidst the crowd, their names unfamiliar to the press, a present reality derived from the past. Yet deep inside, it is a big story which rises from social distress. This is a Sisyphean, uncompromising journey of 10-year-old children from Tiberias who are remarkable at playing the violin. The creators of the film were allowed a rare chance to probe with the camera at the greatest question a documentary filmmaker can ask himself while portraying a true-life situation: Can this reality be changed? And if so, how?

A film by Alex Gentelev


First Award  Best Anthropology "Gold Panda" Sichuan TV International Film Festival 2011

First award for production by Gesher Film Fund

Director: Alex Gentelev

Producer: Nurit Kedar

Cinematographer: Israel Fridman

Editor: Bracha Zisman-Cohen

Sound Designer: Rotem Dror

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