A Bridal Breeze

Aya drives everybody crazy the day before her wedding, trying to control all aspects

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Women Maale Films Immaterial Fiction

Aya, a dedicated kibbutz girl, drives everybody crazy the day before her wedding. Will it be windy, or rainy or both? Assistants run back and forth with chairs and tables, trying to please her every whim, as each new weather forecast changes her opinion about how the wedding should be set up. In the end, one small detail is forgotten, and Aya's wedding ceremony is blessed with weather that no one could possibly have predicted.

A film by Or Menachem

Award of "Senunit" Foundation for Encouragement of Young TV Artists, for the Drama Film, from the Second Israeli Television Authority, Israel 1998.

Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles 1998, New York
Surprise International Film Festival, Taiwan


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director: Or Menachem

Producer & Screenwriter: Shlomit Rosenteller

Cinematographer: Avigail Sperber

Cast: Shmuel Edelman, Limor Yitzchaki, Avraham Slektor

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