Persian Lullaby

Dafna arrives at her parents' home for a few days before her baby's brit (circumcision)

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Dafna, the 40-year old single mother of a newborn boy, arrives at her parents' home a few days before her baby's brit (circumcision). Her father, an elderly Persian Jew, repeatedly snubs Dafna, noting coldly that "a baby needs a father." In the week leading up to the brit, past conflicts between Dafna and her father are revisited, and new tensions are heightened. Will Dafna's father agree to be the sandak (godfather) of his first grandson?

A film by Keren Hakak

Religion Today Film Festival, Trento Italy 2010
Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2010
Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem 2009


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director & Screenwriter: Keren Hakak

Cinematographer: Boaz Shahak

Editor: Hadas Kahan-Schlissel

Producer: Naor Gilad

Original Music: Yonatan Bar Giora, Orit Shohre Hakak

Cast: Emuna Tzvi, Haim Hova, Shosha Goren, Liron Baranes

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