More Alive than Dead

Although he died in 1939, Freud continues to affect all aspects of our lives

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Documentary Psychology Biography Arts and Popular Culture

Accompanied by animations, humor, art and music, world-renowned experts on Sigmund Freud present his multi-faceted influence on all of us. Was he a revolutionary genius who changed our thought and sought to release humanity from the shackles of oppression, religion and hypocrisy?  Or was he a greedy, devious, charlatan who swindled theories from others? Was he the generator of the present sense of individuality or did he contaminate humanity’s moral values with self-centeredness?
The film exposes the many aspects of our life that are replete with Sigmund Freud’s legacy,  in culture, LGBT, politics, economy, art, humor, consumerism, mental-health, films/TV, language, education, child-upbringing, media, literature, neurology, legislation, and more.
The film presents the highlights that make-up the Freud’s legacy – for good and for not-so-good. It begins with a deep resentment towards Freud’s theories and a demand to have them discarded. And then, with the offer of a unique, balanced view, the film explores and contributes towards the realization that eradicating Freud has no feasibility. 

He died in 1939 – yet he is still considered as being ‘More Alive Than Dead’.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome: Sigmund Freud!

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A film by Tzachi (Zaki) Shiff

Director: Tzachi (Zaki) Shiff

Producer: Tzachi (Zaki) Shiff

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