Five Hours From Paris

He's a taxi driver. She's a music teacher. What are the odds they'll end up together?

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Only 5 flight hours from Paris, in a working-class suburb of Tel Aviv, two people meet. He is a bred-and-born Israeli and she is a Russian immigrant.  He's a taxi driver. She's a music teacher. He has no aspirations. She gave up hers long ago. He is afraid of flying and she is about to fly away. What are the odds of them ending up together?

A film by Leonid Prudovsky


First Award for Best Film, Haifa International Film Festival


Peninsula Jewish Community Center, February 2012
Virginia Jewish Film Festival, January 2012
Embassy of Israel Zagreb, November 2011
Jewish Federation of Cumberland, August 2011
Montreal Jewish Film Festival 2010
FilmIsreal! Holland 2010
Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2010
New Jersey Jewish Film Festival 2010
Hampton International Film Festival
World Premiere, Toronto International Film Festival
"These days, the world could use sweeter, mature, thoughtful romance, and FIVE HOURS FROM PARIS delivers it in spades."

Director: Leonid Prudovsky

Producers: 2Team Productions, United King

Sponsors: Israel Film Fund The Ministry Of Education, Culture And Sports, The Israel Film Council, HOT, United King, Keshet Broadcasting, Ltd

Script: Erez Kav-El, Leonid Prudovsky

Camera: Giora Bejach

Editor: Evgeny Ruman

Original Music: Gavriel Ben-Podeh

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